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Practising with ABPI exam MCQ papers boosts exam performance, as part of a structured study plan, but only when you’re ready. Really ready.

Before testing yourself with “mock” MCQ ABPI exam papers, it’s worth making sure that you’ve done everything you can to give yourself a fair chance at succeeding with them.

For instance, if you’ve difficulty remembering certain things from the ABPI learning materials it means you need to get more ACTIVE in your learning methods.

Flashcards are a great way to actively embed “knowledge” in your memory. By repeatedly testing your recall of terms and their definitions, in a variety of different ways, you begin turning tenuous connections (cobwebs) into stronger cables in your network of memory neurones.

Another way of being active means testing yourself with “mock” ABPI exam MCQs, but only after you’ve done the hard work of training your memory, and learning the topic, ironing out your understanding of it. Then you can apply your knowledge in “mock”  ABPI MCQ exam papers.

But, as I explain in this article, the ABPI don’t make past exam papers available.

That’s why I made my MCQ workbooks more widely available for ABPI exam candidates like you (i.e. not just for clients).

Use my MCQ workbooks as part of your study plan to boost your exam performance. My MCQs are designed to be a bit tougher than what you face in the ABPI exam. This shakes you out of any sense of complacency you might have, with the kick up the butt you need to make sure your knowledge is rock solid.

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“The questions are really helping my revision. Much appreciated.”

Unit 1 -4 MCQ Workbook,  Kirsty M

“This is just a quick email to let you know that I passed my ABPI exam. I found your mind maps and mock exam questions really useful for preparing for the exam.  Thanks again.”

Unit 1 – 4 MCQ Workbook, Units 3.2 and 4 Mind Map,  Priscilla R

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When you sign up for my 16 weeks of free lessons and tips, I’ll send you a voucher to download 50 MCQs on Unit 4 for FREE.

(This is the unit that exam candidates often fail by a few marks because they didn’t give themselves enough time to revise properly.)

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Test your knowledge and understanding of the mandatory/optional units from the ABPI learning materials by choosing from our range of MCQ workbooks.

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Can’t find a workbook topic for the ABPI exam MCQs you need?

Either I haven’t got round to adding it to the collection, or no one’s asked me for it yet. (Sorry, but little ol’ me has to prioritise stuff.)

So, drop me an email with the unit you need, and I’ll pull out the stops either to add it, or to write MCQs from scratch for you.)