ABPI Exam Tutorials more detail

When you register for your tutorial you receive a mind map for the topic you’ve booked

We use this as a guide to work through areas you want to discuss.

Before we meet you need to prepare your “issues ” list beforehand to get the most out of it.

It’s your tutorial, so I want you to be ready. Don’t worry, I send you a form to help with this.

Ideally, depending on the date you’ve booked, I’d like to have your shopping list of questions at least a day or two before. That way, I’m able to tailor-make your tutorial, with links to material clarifying those parts of the learning material that either don’t make sense or that need to be brought to life a bit more.

Choose from the following standalone tutorials:-

Kickstarting your studies: Taming the overwhelm monster. (Cost: £90 incl VAT.)

This is a 45-minute tutorial where we work on your study plan, with tips and tools for conquering your overwhelm monster, and ensuring you have a clear plan of attack for your revision.

Unit 3 Human body structure & function
T.1 Nervous system
T.2 Endocrine system

Unit 4 Development and use of medicines
T.1 Disease and immunology
T.2 Development of a medicine
T.3 Pharmacovigilance
T.4 Pharmacology

Each 1 hr tutorial costs £120 (incl VAT@20%).

After you book you’ll either be sent an invoice by e-mail using PayPal – a secure way of processing online payments, or you can pay immediately using Stripe. (You don’t need to have a PayPal /Stripe account to pay using a credit card.)

Payment is due immediately and guarantees your tutorial booking.

What to expect from me…

My don’ts

  • I don’t stand on ceremony, and
  • I don’t spoon feed my learners.

My do’s 

  • I listen to what you need, and
  • I do everything I can to deliver it to you (ranging from teasing out sticking points, explaining stuff, or pointing you towards helpful resources).
  • I do my best to flex around your schedule, but there may be times when it’s not possible…so best if you check availability (by clicking on the tutorial you’re interested in) or contact me.

One last thing – although I took my exam back in the day, I know what it’s like to juggle life, the Universe and everything…so, if you need help, get in touch. Just don’t leave everything until the last minute.

Find out how long the ABPI estimate it takes to get ready for the exam.