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Who’s behind the ABPI Exam Toolkit™?

Picture of Dr Marie McKenzie-Mills

I’m Dr Marie McKenzie-Mills, a scientist and qualified educator with a ton of experience in medical research, healthcare and pharma.

For the last 30 years or so, I’ve trained, tutored and coached ABPI candidates through this exam in all its incarnations. Using a variety of tools (including ABPI MCQ exam papers) I help people like you to successfully prepare, navigating you through this rite of passage so that you make the most of your revision. 

Fun fact: In my spare time, I like watching old episodes of Star Trek, ‘cos I’m a Trekkie at heart. Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in that world, where logic rules?


Mr Spock from the original Star Trek series
Mr Spock

Mr Spock is my hero.


Where do I find past ABPI exam papers?

I’m asked this question fairly regularly. But, the other day, I was reminded that some of you aren’t always clear about what resources are available to help you prepare for your ABPI Exam. Worryingly, it seems some of you waste time looking for mythical unicorns…

My key tip to gear up for ABPI exam success in 2018 (and a pressie)

  “When you look back on 2017, what do you think of? Which of your achievements are you most proud of?” ​ These questions dropped into my mailbox earlier this week. They’re good questions to reflect on. But, to be honest, at this time of year I always start to feel a bit jaded. It’s a …


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We’re here to help, so whether you’ve a query about the ABPI Exam, our products, or to sort out a tutorial time to suit you, so please contact the ABPI Exam Toolkit.

When you get in touch, Dr Marie McKenzie-Mills will do her best to get back to you ASAP (during the usual office hours, that is).

She believes in having downtime. Truth is, she needs it.

Contact her at: Marie(at)abpiexamtoolkit.uk.

You’re welcome to call her to chat about anything to do with your exam here: 07966 434439.