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The ABPIExamToolkit is provided with the purpose of helping you prepare for your ABPI exam.

While we do our best to provide you with useful information and “tools” to use as part of your exam preparation, nothing substitutes for your own efforts in preparing for your ABPI exam.

Although all testimonials shown below are from real exam candidates, or from their managers, they’re not guarantees you’ll obtain similar results. We can’t guarantee you’ll pass your ABPI exam by using our products or following suggestions within our blog posts or our lessons.

As feedback from these happy toolkit users shows, choosing from the ABPI Exam Toolkit’s resources can help make your revising easier, save you time, and boost your confidence (hopefully, along with your memory). 

Why not make a start and become a happy toolkit user yourself, so in time if you find our resources helpful, you can add your recommendation when YOU pass?

Unit 4 MCQ Workbook; Unit 3.2 Mind Map, and the Flashcard Challenge, Kerry C

“Your toolkit is super and the information in it is exceptional, I honestly couldn’t fault it. I have several new reps who are using it to assist their studies. The level of detail it goes into, the explanations make it easy to remember and connect to. Your toolkit gives life to learning and is interactive and enjoyable.

If I could give advice to those who are taking the mandatory exam – it’s be prepared for a lot of questions that are not covered in the book they send out or in the online training from the ABPI.

Your toolkit goes into so much more important areas to do with the human body etc and totally relates to the expectations of what the exam should be but unfortunately, the exam set by the ABPI isn’t completely related to their training materials. 

Bravo to you for keeping your toolkit more meaningful and specific to the needs of the representative role than the ABPI.”

Unit 4 MCQ Workbook; Unit 3.2 Mind Map, Fiona C-D

“I am pleased to say I have passed my ABPI diploma and therefore do not need to receive any more emails. I found your work useful.

Thank you.”

Units 1 – 4 MCQ Workbook, Debbie B

“I passed my ABPI. Just wanted to thank you for your help.

I found the workbook a great help in directing where to start.  I’m very grateful. 

I think the content of your support material is fabulous. I don’t know how someone without clinical background would manage without it. Thanks again.”

Units 10 & 16 MCQ Workbooks; Units 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 3.2 & 10 Mind Maps, Ewan B

“Just wanted to say I’ve now passed all my ABPI papers. I found the combination of my own mind maps coupled with your MCQ papers was a winning mix. As you say, there’s no quick fix or easy way to pass. You need to learn what the manual says. But you need to really understand it in order to pass.

Thanks again for the support.”

Unit 1 – 4, 7 & 11 MCQ Workbooks, Kelly B

“I wanted to thank you for the Units. I passed all 4 mandatory units last week on my first attempt. I found them so useful and they helped immensely with my learning. They’re a great way to check “what you actually know” and how to apply your knowledge to the ABPI questioning style.

I’m now preparing for my optional units and will be purchasing your learning materials to help me with this. They are priceless and such an aid to the textbooks.

Many thanks again.”

Unit 1 – 4 MCQ Workbook, Units 3.2 and 4 Mind Maps, Priscilla R

“This is just a quick email to let you know that I passed my ABPI exam. I found your mind maps and mock exam questions really useful for preparing for the exam.

Thanks again.”

Units 1 – 4, suppl 4, 6 and 9 MCQ Workbooks, Unit 3.2 Mind Map, and Flashcard Challenge, Nadine G

Thank you very much for your help.

I took my compulsory and optional units on Thursday and passed them all. 😊

Your practice questions gave me a lot of confidence and helped me focus where my last minute refresher revision should be.  I’ll be sure to recommend your site to friends and colleagues.

Unit 1 – 4 MCQ Workbook, Kirsty M

“The questions are really helping my revision. Much appreciated.”

Unit  4 Tutorials, Emma A

“Got my result and I passed. I am so pleased!! Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it!”

Units 2.5, 3.2, 4, 7 & 8 Mind Maps, Simrit S

“Using the mind maps has allowed me to finally grasp what had been complex topics. For the first time since studying for the ABPI, I have been able to understand the topics.

Thank you for a great resource.”


Unit 4 Mind Map, Louise T

Thank you for all your help. This has been invaluable. Will definitely be recommending.”

Unit  4 Tutorials,  James D


Thanks for all your help!!!”

Unit 11 MCQ Workbook, Luci T

“Thank you very much. It’s been a massive help!”

Units 1-4, 7, 8, 12 MCQ Workbooks, Nadine P

“Thank you for all your help.”

Units 2, 3 & 4 Tutorials,  Mike D

“Managed to pass with marks ranging from 73% to 82%. What a relief! Thank you for all the help.”

Units 3 & 4 Tutorials, Mahnaz D

“I passsseeeeddd and now I am a qualified medical rep. Thank you.”

Unit 1 – 4 MCQ Workbook, Clare H

“I ‘m sooo excited I found your Study Guide and Workbook. This is a great help.

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