Test yourself with MCQs

Power up for your ABPI exam by practising with “mock” ABPI exam MCQs to make sure you’re ready

You’re not alone in wanting to practice more.

Practising with “mock” ABPI exam MCQ papers boosts exam performance, but only when it’s part of a structured study plan.

Don’t make the biggest mistake most often made by exam candidates – according to the ABPI – of rushing to answer as many “past papers” as you can lay your hands on before you’re ready.

Really ready.

Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for resits because you haven’t prepared as well as you think. Do you really want to risk that?

So how do you know when you’re ready to test yourself with mock ABPI exam MCQs?

Get focused

Have you:-

  • Learnt unfamiliar terms and their definitions, and can quote them in your sleep?
  • Memorised your notes inside-out?
  • Cleared up any outstanding confusion around niggly bits that didn’t make sense?

Done that?

Then you’re ready to test yourself with ABPI exam MCQs

Like a challenge? Most of us do.

Make sure you’re properly prepared for the ABPI exam with my MCQ Workbook for Units 1 to 4  with over 200 MCQ’s. (Download immediately.)

“Thank you very much. It’s been a massive help!” Unit 11 MCQ Workbook, Luci T

All of my MCQ workbooks challenge you to ensure that you really know your stuff. Unlike in the exam (and in the ABPI’s eLearning), there’s more than one correct answer to my MCQs. That means you need to understand the topic, not just remember it.

We’re talking proper prep here, not half-hearted.

So, up for challenging your memory, understanding and ability to apply what you’ve learned?

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