How do I learn the ABPI Code of Practice for my ABPI exam?

A while back, an ABPI Exam Toolkit user got in touch to ask how other exam candidates go about studying the ABPI Code of Practice for the exam. Ideally, he wanted me to put him in touch with others to chat about it (by giving him their email addresses).

It’s a great question that made me realise you too might find the answer helpful.

But to be clear, no can do on the sharing other Toolkit users details with him, or anyone else.

Remember 25th May 2018 and all the hoo-ha in the press and on TV and the internet about GDPR? It’s not like privacy laws (and PECR) didn’t exist beforehand. But this was a doozy that had everyone in a tizz. I even switched website hosts because they hadn’t a clue about its implementation let alone its implications, and duly enforced a non-compliant cookie notice on my site. That was despite my hard work and research to install code that delivered the same lovely notice you’re served here on the Toolkit. The only cookies you’re served here are those needed to make this site work. Anything else is your choice, which is the whole point of GDPR/PECR i.e. you choose to opt-in rather than opt-out. Read my Privacy Policy if you really want to, which covers the use of cookies and the like, as well as what happens to any of your data that you share (i.e. when you sign up for lessons etc. with your email address) here on the Toolkit.

The upshot is – neither I nor this site can act as a conduit to put Toolkit users in touch with each other. There’s a Facebook group for that. So, if you want to ask questions of other ABPI exam candidates, then consider joining it.

So, back to the question:-

How do people study the ABPI Code of Practice in preparation for the ABPI exam?

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Should I start with studying the Code of Practice for my ABPI Exam?

Have you asked yourself this question?

I was a little stumped the first time I was asked it, since it’s a personal decision on what, where and when to start revising. How can someone else answer that for you?

But then I realised that it’s a fair question, especially when you’re trying to work out where best to spend your time revising. Nevertheless, my answer then, as now, was “…it depends”.

When you’re building your study plan, the time you set aside to revise or learn different topics all depends on how much time you have in total to study.

How much time do YOU have to study?

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