7 Key tips to pass your ABPI exam

Looking for tips to pass your ABPI exam?

Everyone needs tips to pass their ABPI exam. Don’t they?

I wish I could tell you that the ABPI exam is a piece of cake. But, I’d be lying and I’m not that kinda gal. I’m a plain-speaking, tell it like it is kinda gal.

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You CAN develop your memory skills

So, can I confess something to you?

Come closer… on 25th Feb 2022 it’s the anniversary of setting up the ABPI Exam Toolkit.

Yep. Five years have now gone by since I got serious about sharing my tools and expertise directly with exam candidates on my new dedicated website.

That’s not my confession. This is: I should be celebrating and happy to have reached this milestone. But, truth be told, I’m too tired.

It’s been hard work putting it all together, and it’s nowhere near where I’d like it to be, in terms of interacting with more of you. For example, despite setting up a Facebook group, I’ve done zip to get it off the ground. I suppose I’m struggling with the idea of whether it’s something you need or want. (Perhaps you could let me know what you think about that, or even join the group if you’d like to share thoughts?)

But, here’s my dilemma…I know from the same conversation I have over and over again, that many of you feel unsupported when it comes to studying for your exam. Seems some of you also feel bulldozed by managers who made you register for the exam when you didn’t feel ready.

While it’s not good to feel unprepared (because your inner critic is screaming that you’re not up to the task, because you’re not good enough)… it’s truly the pits if you really aren’t.

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Watch out for the Overwhelm Monster

You know in your heart of hearts if you’ve not managed your time well enough to get your revision done adequately; or worse, you haven’t really applied yourself, due to our old friend (or, should that be enemy?) the overwhelm monster.

So, what can you do about it? Read on for my 7 key tips to pass your ABPI exam.

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Should I start with studying the Code of Practice for my ABPI Exam?

Have you asked yourself this question?

I was a little stumped the first time I was asked it, since it’s a personal decision on what, where and when to start revising. How can someone else answer that for you?

But then I realised that it’s a fair question, especially when you’re trying to work out where best to spend your time revising. Nevertheless, my answer then, as now, was “…it depends”.

When you’re building your study plan, the time you set aside to revise or learn different topics all depends on how much time you have in total to study.

How much time do YOU have to study?

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