ABPI Exam Unit 1 NHS Structure & Function: Happy 70th Birthday to you

Last Updated on July 5, 2023 by Dr M

The NHS is 75 on 5th July.

Sad to say that the NHS is more than a little creaky now, 5 years after I first wrote this post. Here’s hoping we still have it in another 5 years.

The main point of the original article was to flag up that our Unit 1 MCQs had been updated. As you’d imagine, they’ve gone through more than a few iterations since then. To be honest, I found it more than a little tiresome constantly having to amend some of the MCQs to reflect either changes in ministers or yet more name changes in structural elements.

To keep the MCQs as current as possible, we removed these sorts of questions (e.g. the classic “who is the current Secretary of State for Health”), but bear in mind that they may still crop up in the actual ABPI exam.

I know it’s a pain trying to keep on top of it all for your exam, but stay with it.

Keep in mind that questions about the NHS form a small part of this particular exam paper (i.e. Unit 1 Code of Practice and NHS), since it’s weighted more towards MCQs about the Code of Practice).


————Start of the original article from 2018——–

The NHS is 70 today.


NHS at 70
Newspaper announcement introducing the NHS in 1948


You’d have to be hiding under a rock to have missed the headlines about the 70th birthday celebrations for the NHS.

Whatever you think of this British institution, it’s 70 today. No surprise that’s it’s a bit creaky then, is it?

What does this big birthday mean for you, as an ABPI exam candidate?

I’m not going to go into the politics of how it’s organised or managed. Let’s just say that aside from the challenges the NHS faces, you’re challenged to keep up with its constant changes. For both the NHS and you, it’s a work in progress.

But, you must keep up, so you’re able to tackle the MCQs about the NHS in your exam. Hopefully, if you’re taking it later this month, you’ve also been sent the most recent version of the ABPI’s handout of NHS Structure & Function.

Since the ABPI stopped updating their site for trainers, I’ve had to rely on Toolkit users to let me know when a new version appears. So, thank you to those who gave me the heads up, alerting me to the need for an  update of my MCQs.

I’m glad to say that after a flurry of emails back and forth, the ABPI sent me their most recent version of the handout yesterday. Fingers crossed that they’ll get back on track in the near future with keeping trainers in the loop.

While the NHS birthday celebrations are in full swing – here’s my announcement:-

Happily, just in time for the NHS’ 70th birthday, I’ve updated the MCQs in my Unit 1 to 4 MCQ Workbook.

(What a happy coincidence, huh? Couldn’t have planned it, if I’d tried.)

If you’re taking the exam later this month, don’t despair if you recently received your updated pdf from the ABPI. I know some of you are panicking because you’re tired, overworked and feeling like you may as well throw out your notes because there isn’t enough time to learn anything new.

First, take a deep breath. Think about what you’ve done so far. Take a step back. Then, throw that overwhelm monster off the cliff.

Done it?


So what’s changed in the NHS since the last bunch of notes from the ABPI?

Unit 1 ABPI Exam: NHS Structure & Function Changes

As you might expect, some headline facts and figures have changed. No big surprises there. This is mostly what you’re expected to know for the exam.

If you’re ready to test your grasp of these, then grab an updated copy of my Unit 1 – 4 MCQ Workbook. Or, if you’ve already bought this, drop me a quick email for a voucher to download an updated workbook free of charge.

Meanwhile, keep faith with yourself.  If you are feeling pressurised by work commitments ask your manager for some protected study time. It’s the least you deserve.

It’s your future. Your career. Surely it’s worth carving out the time you need?

Read this if you need some back up.





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